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Hello lovelies!! Hope you all are doing well.

It has been a month that I have not posted anything. Here I am apologizing for my absence. The reason behind my absence is that my laptop stopped working and I was all at the mercy of my phone. It's too hard to write a post and to edit pictures on phone. After a month of being patience, I finally got my laptop yesterday and now I'm writing this review for you guys.
Now coming to what this post is about! Olor which is a Norwegian brand sent me three of their newly launched fragrances for the review purpose. Are these deodorants worth a shot? Here is a quick review on them.

Olor 24 Hours Active Deodorant
The Olor fragrance range features pretty floral and oriental blossoms to inspire contentment and leave women feeling cherished. Step into a world of scents that bring refreshing and youthful sensibility that adds a unique twist to the way women can feel about themselves.
Olor 24 Hour Active Deodorant - Review

Olor 24 Hours Active Deodorant - Review
My Thoughts
Starting the review with packaging which is so elegant and eye catching. Beautiful shades of colors makes it all more fresh looking. The deodorant comes in a light weight metallic bottle with a plastic cap that fits well. So you can easily and safely carry it in your bag.

I've got Glamorous Gold, Vibrant Violet and Rosy Raspberry to describe. First one Glamorous Gold (Lilac & Amber) - a sexy blend of lilac, mandarin and amber. It has a strong scent which is not very sweet or floral. To my judgment, It has a kind of heady scent which lasts on me for many hours. I love this one a lot because it is so warm and sensual, making it my pick for cold days. Vibrant Violet (Iris & Black Current) which has a rich mélange of fruity flavors of Black Currant and Iris. It has a sweet fragrance and is more feminine. It has more floral yet strongest scent than the other two and lasts for the whole day on me. A perfect pick for summers! Rosy Raspberry (Raspberry & Vanilla) - a warm blend of raspberry, cinnamon and vanilla giving it a masculine touch. It has a sharp scent not too fruity at all!

Overall, I'm truly in love with these. They are amazing on the basis of packaging, variety of unique scents, longevity and affordability. A Worth try product!

My Rating


Olor 24 Hours Active Deodorant is priced at Rs. 195 and can be purchased from all leading stores nationwide. You can also get them from online stores just4girls.pk and daraz.pk. For more details, visit their website Olor.no and Facebook page here.

What do you think about them? Have you tried them yet?


Anu Dev said...

They looks quote tempting.Deo are something i cant live without specially in summers.


Nuzhat Javed said...


maya ahmed said...

I liked vibrant violet , lovely post dear.

fatima jannan said...

@Anu Dev Thanks Anu for stopping by! Yes They are quite eye catching. No one can live without deos in summer.

fatima jannan said...

@maya ahmed Thanks Maya! Yes I love it to. It has an amazing fragrance.

Chaste & Beautiful said...

Very good review and the scents sound nice.

Chaste & Beautiful

fatima jannan said...

@Chaste & Beautiful Thank you!

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