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Liebster Award
I am so excited to be nominated for Liebster Award!! Aliya over at The Cat and The Girl nominated me, and I am so grateful to her. Thank you so much Aliya!!

Let's know what is Liebster Award, how it works and my answers to Aliya's question. Shall we?


After doing a little research it turns out that The Liebster Award is an online award given to new bloggers by bloggers who’ve been on the scene for a while.

The Rules

1. The rules are simple just thank the blogger who nominated you, also give their blog link on your post.
2. Answer 11 questions you were asked. After completing the questions, select 11 new bloggers with small fan following and nominate their names in your post.
3. List 11 questions for them to answer and leave a comment on their blog providing a link to your post. So that they know what to do.

Here are my answers to Aliya’s questions:

1. Where did the name of your blog come from?
Ans. Before creating up my blog, me and my younger sister had brainstormed for a couple of days, then at some point we come up with the name "Fanaa's Beauty Blog". Fanaa is my nickname and Beauty Blog is to specify what kind of blog it is.

2. How would you describe your blog in 3 words?
Ans. Tasteful, Elegant and Classy.

3. What is your most worn clothing item in your wardrobe?
Ans. I won't lie. The item I use the most is a scarf which my sister bought for me from Outfitters.

4. What would you say is your favorite song, to lift you up from a bad day?
Ans. No favorite song at the moment!

5. Favorite movie quote?
Ans. "We all have secrets: the ones we keep…and the ones that are kept from us" - Peter Parker (The Amazing Spider-Man 2012)

6. Who would you say is your ultimate role model and why?
Ans. My father!! He is inspiring, brutally honest, compassionate, patient and full of sage advice. Whenever I need a dose of reality, perspective, encouragement, or humble pie, I know exactly where to find it.

7. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Ans. I see myself as a full-time beauty blogger. And most importantly, enjoying life with my family.

8. What TV show are you currently watching (or what did you watch last)?
Ans. I hardly take out time to watch TV shows. Two or three years back, i watched Fatima Gul - Akhir Mera Kasur Kiya? (Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne?) and Ishq-e-Mamnoon Aşk-ı Memnu), both Turkish based dramas and after these i never watched complete series of a TV show. 

9. What is your favorite place to visit?
Ans. Hunza Valley!!! I have been to Hunza in my childhood and it's heaven on earth.

10. What was the last thing your personally cooked?
Ans. Pasta!!

11. What was the last website you were on?
Ans. Sahrish Adeel's Blog!

Now it’s my turn to nominate 11 bloggers for this award and my nominees are:

Heather from Capture And Design
Zen from Hapiness Wherever
Ayesha from Chaste & Beautiful
Megan from MeEmBeauty
Tiffany from Tiffany May
Kinz Ali from Glamorous Without The Guilt
Antony Martin from Brain Food
Maryam Asfandyar from Maryam's Blog
Sangeeta from BeautyNyx
Carol from Carol In A Page
Michelle from The Glam Mom

Guys I want you to answer the same questions and I look forward to reading it.

I hope you enjoyed reading my answers.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Sangeeta said...

Thank you for nominating me.

Glamorous without Guilt said...

such amazing answers...I love that quote too once again thanks for the nomination

Alice Young said...

Loved reading your answer, I really like that Perer Parked quote too! Congrats on the nomination.

The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

fatima jannan said...

@Sangeeta You are welcome dear! :)

fatima jannan said...

@Glamorous without Guilt Thanks Kinz Ali! Glad to know we relate to each other on this. No problem, you deserve to be nominated. I'll be looking forward to read your answers.

fatima jannan said...

@Alice Young Awwww!! Thanks Alice :) I'm glad you enjoyed them. And Thanks for stopping by <3

Chaste & Beautiful said...

Hey, thanks for nominating me. Nice of you to keep me in your thoughts:)

Chaste & Beautiful

Huda...!!! said...

Congratulations on ur first blog award. Wish u much more success ahead :)

Shang J. said...

After reading this I want to go visit Hunza Valley. ^_^

fatima jannan said...

@Huda...!!! Awww!! Thanks for the support Huda! You are a love.

fatima jannan said...

@Shang J. Try to go there! This place is a worth to visit. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Fatma i am so grateful that you did this, it does mean a lot. I am like, really new to blogging so i hope i did it right. Thank you again, you might want to click on the link.

Ramsha ' Rose said...

Congratulations on the award on! I love reading your blog and your answers were great :) Keep up the good work :D
Ramsha | Rose

fatima jannan said...

Thank you!

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