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I've been tagged by Farya Khan from Beauty and dew drops for the fun tag post "11 Things You Did Not Know About Me" and to answer the questions assigned by her. Thanks Farya for tagging me. It's such a fun answering all the questions.

About Tag Post
The rules of this Tag post are pretty simple. You've to answer 11 questions by the blogger you were tagged and when you're done answering, you have to tag 10 bloggers of your choice to answer the questions you leave them for...

Here are my answers.

1.What is the most used makeup item you own?
Ans. These days, JORDANA Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara is what i'm using the most.

2.What is one thing you like about your country?
Ans. I like each and everything about my country.

3.Your favorite ice cream flavor?
Ans. Butterscotch ;)

4. Do you prefer straight hair or curls?
Ans. My hair is naturally very straight. It's also very fine, so when I do nothing to it, it tends to hang quite flat to my head. My preferred style when I'm just wearing my hair down is to throw in some Velcro rollers to add volume.

5. How much makeup do you wear on daily basis?
Ans. I don't wear too much of makeup on daily basis. My makeup routine includes simply a BB Cream, a lip gloss, a mascara or an eyeliner or sometimes a hint of coral or peachy pink blush ;).

6. Best 5 books you have read so far?
Ans. I’m not really much of a reader, so I don’t really have a favorite book.

7. Your favorite place to hangout with friends?
Ans. Uni Cafeteria!!

8. Your favorite stuffed toy?
Ans. None!

9. One crazy beauty/fashion/makeup trend you would like to try?
Ans. Baking!!! This makeup technique is trending nowadays. I know it is not my kinda makeup but i really want to try this for only one time. Hehehe!

10. Your favorite Youtube Beauty Guru?
Ans. Marlena Stell from Makeup Geek. She’s the first makeup guru I watched consistently. I owe my personal knowledge about makeup to her.

11. One best feature ?
Ans. Marlena is a very well-rounded makeup guru and covers topics that every “makeup geek ” should know. She teaches very well – zooms in on her features; patiently and practically shows us exactly how to place, blend, work and highlight the product on ourselves.

And now My nominations for this fun tag posts are:
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Shumaila Jaffer from Beauty Redefine

Here I'm posing 11 questions to you guys and I can't wait to hear from you guys!

1. What is the second passion you have besides makeup?
2. Makeup is to enhanced your beauty or to hide the imperfections?
3. What is one product you just can’t get the hang of? Or if that’s not applicable, that you cannot stand to use?
4. What is the biggest challenge you are facing in the world of blogging?
5. Biggest beauty trend regret?
6. What is one makeup product you wish companies would improve and why (nail polish, concealer, primer, etc.)?
7. Do you prefer reading a book or watching TV/a movie?
8. Which shade and brand of lipstick are you wearing right now?
9. How important are dreams? Do you find them symbolically meaningful/relevant to your life?
10. Who's someone that inspires you?
11. What is it that you do not like about yourself and would like to change?

I hope you enjoyed reading my first fun tag post.

Did you learn something new about me?


Gul Zehra said...

Loved reading your answers! Thank you for the tag <3

fatima jannan said...

@Gul Zehra My pleasure :)

farya khan said...

i had fun reading your answers and really like the 11 questions you have written on your blog :)


Dana Nicola said...

Love reading your answers, its sad your not really much of a reader though, i think reading is such a great thing! I done a little reading list on my blog here
, check it out if you wanna!

Dana || Fashion Dew Blog

fatima jannan said...

Thanks Farya :) I'm glad you liked that..

fatima jannan said...

Yep! I agree with you but my academics is not allowing me to read much.I'll surely checkout your list and will try to get myself some of them to read :) and Thanks for stopping by <3

Shumail Khan said...

Enjoyed reading this post.

Chaste & Beautiful said...

Enjoyed reading your answers. Thanks for tagging me. I will surely do this tag in a few days.

Chaste & Beautiful

fatima jannan said...

@Shumail Khan Thanks Shumail :)

fatima jannan said...

@Chaste & Beautiful My pleasure :)

Sana said...

Love reading your answers dear ♡♡

fatima jannan said...

@Sana I'm glad you liked and Thanks for stopping by :)

Anonymous said...

Thank for the tag, honey <3 I enjoyed reading your answers.

fatima jannan said...

@dudettestalk My pleasure dear! I'll be looking forward to read yours :)

Ramsha ' Rose said...

Thank you for this Fatima! I loved reading your answers & my post will be up next week (I'll tag you on Twitter to let you know)! Thank you once again and I have naturally straight hair too :D
Ramsha | Rose

fatima jannan said...

Would love to read yours :)

ayesha mohsin said...

Just drolling down ur page and i saw this and curious to know about you. U gave awesome answers. I like no.5 the most 😀
And yes ypu should also get time to read books :)

Then u asked questions from your fan. I would like to give answers. As it is old post but i would love to give answers.
1) cooking
2) enhanced beauty
3) my kajal (hashmi kajal) 😉
4) every time i have to log in to give reviews. This is what i am facing problem in the world of blogging ;)
5) no regret. With the passage of time many companies have launched so many products with perfection and of ease mmethod. I enjoy and love to try new trend of fashion and beauty.
6)nail polish bcx many nail polishes i bought are not long lasting. They are scratched by hand even bfr the partt ends. So i would prefer it.

8)lip balm ;) maybelline
9) dreams are imp fr surviving and thriving. U should aalways try to remember your dreams as they provide insight into ur body mind nd spirit
.dreams makes u wake up during ur sleep.
10)my mother (natural beaty she has MSA)
11) i dont take care of myself (which i hate most bcx i dont even a care of a single pimple ) but when suddenly a function arrives,them i realise i should do something bfr. (Trimming eyebrows, use pimple acne remedy all that.) What i like about myself My hairs :) they are naturally staright though
Sorry if its tooo long.

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