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When I woke up this morning, I just knew I had to do this one. So here it is - my wishlist from Dresslink. In case if you don't know let me tell you Dresslink is an online Korean fashion store selling amazing stuff like shoes, bags, clothes, makeup & beauty accessories and much more at super affordable prices. So while going through their website many amazing stuff caught my eyes and made space in my wishlist. Let's see which product i wanted to get from them.

When I opened Dresslink website, i headed over to their Accessories section first and I couldn't stop myself from loving their jewelry pieces. I wanted to have all of them. They have finest and trendiest jewelry pieces with great reviews. Here goes list of jewelry pieces that I'm loving the most.

How i forget to add something in my wishlist from their shoes, bags and clothes range. The moment I started browsing their shoes section I lose my heart on a pair of black pumps which are very classy yet affordable. Moving to their clothes range I discovered a simple but really nice top which was looking very chic in peachy pink color. I also found a voguish coat perfect for cold days and a pair of gorgeous retro styled sunnies. And in the last a beautiful embroidered clutch which is very unique and chic took a place in my wishlist right away. Let me share the pictures and links of these pretty stuffs with you all.  

So these all are the things from my never ending wishlists. I hope you'll like my picks. I've already ordered few of them. I'll let you all know about my shopping experience and the quality of products once I receive them. In the meantime, checkout their website through the link on my sidebar if you want to have a look. I would love to know your thoughts about this website. Happy Shopping Girls!!

Have you ever shopped from Dresslink? How was your experience?


Tayyaba Iqbal said...

My wishlist hair straightener brush

Walk In Vogue said...

wow, I love the bracelets! x

Nuzhat Javed said...

Lovely necklace n pump

Huda...!!! said...

Nice picks. Hope you get them soon. Am loving the accessories <3 Thanks for sharing :)

Sana said...

ahhh tht wishlist .. loveee ur picks girl .. great post ♡♡

fatima jannan said...

@Huda...!!! Thanks Huda!!

fatima jannan said...

@Sana Thanks Sana! I'm glad you liked the post and my picks :)

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