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Today, under the spotlight we have Ben & Sera skincare products by Read more to find out about the products.

Skin18 believes in skincare instead of makeup. Skincare products feed natural ingredients and nutrition to your skin while makeup is considered as a coverage. A lady may not have perfect features but still look charming with beautiful skin. Founder of Skin18 concerns about her skin the most, and our mission here is to bring you products that will makes you look forever eighteen. It is the best to start your skincare as early as possible but there is never too late just like having exercise for a healthy body.

Product Description
The scrub contains carbon granules that remove dead skin cells and waste material on your face. This scrub is recommended to be use regularly to make sure all dead cell and wasted material of your face is clear up.
Enjoy a clean and clear skin with this scrub that can adjust the pH level of the skin by exfoliation. Most ingredient contained inside is a raw material for whitening use.

Ben & Sera Water Light Face Scrub - Review

Ben & Sera Water Light Face Scrub - Review
Putting on moisturizer or cream bothers you? Sometimes applying cream/lotion/moisturizer will give people a sticky feeling which people hate the most. This cream is a solution for you!! With natural ingredient extracts create a smooth and soft texture of your skin just like inserting some water drops for smoothing the texture.

Ben & Sera Water Drop Moisture Cream - Review

Ben & Sera Water Drop Moisture Cream - Review
Having plain and white skin is always a good start to flawless skin, usually aging people get skin in dull color with wrinkles which makes them look very old. It is always good to prepare your skin with try to avoid the sun and also add more special elements for nutrition feeding on a daily basis. This is a very special cream with whitening functions.

Ben & Sera JJ - Cream - Review

Ben & Sera JJ - Cream - Review
My Thoughts
First start with the packaging, i got sample sachet which has a foil based coating. The package coating is kinda luxurious to me. The sachets are pretty small, fit almost in palm and the product in it can be used for two times only. They also comes in a full size squeezing tube but sachet makes it easy to be used during travelling.

Water Light Face Scrub appears to be a water based white paste with no visible scrubbing granules. Yes, I was expecting some gritty granules in it but it turned out totally opposite so I followed the instructions given on the backside of the sachet with hope that I might feel them on my face while massaging. I spread the paste on my already cleansed face in a gentle massaging manner for 20-30 seconds but there was no rough feeling of the granules then I rinsed it off with lukewarm water. The results? Well, I have noticed that my skin feels super soft and smooth after using this. What really amazes me is that it gives a nice subtle glow to my face and my skin looks incredibly polished. I believe it's because of facial carbon particles in it which clearly remove the dirt in pores and exfoliate dead skin cells to improve the skin texture.

I follow by using the Water Drop Moisture Cream on my face which by the way isn't scent free. It has the mild pleasant fragrance and looks like a petroleum jelly but is so light and doesn't give a greasy feeling on the skin. The cream forms water droplets on the skin as soon as applied which is readily absorb by the skin. I love the ample moisturizing effect on my skin by water drop formation. Overall, I quite like this cream.

JJ - Cream Diamond Whitening One Second doesn't have thick consistency and takes a couple of minutes to sink into the skin but it doesn't absorb completely. I can see it gives a visible glow to my face. I do think it leaves your face feeling greasy if you apply too much of it. All in all, this product seems to be great for dry skin and will work wonder during winters.

My Rating


Ben & Serra products can be purchased from You can get full size Water Light Face Scrub for $ 24, Water Drop Moisture Cream for $ 26 and JJ - Cream for $ 24. You can also get sample size sachet for free (only need to pay shipping charges) to try first. For details visit their website here.

What do you think about these? Have you tried them out?


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