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Yaaay! It's my blog's first birthday today. So I'm wishing FANAA'S BEAUTY BLOG a very Happy Birthday. I'm so happy today. One year ago on this day, I started this blog to share my passion with you and posted my first introductory blog post. I have put a lot of efforts, thoughts and time on my blog.

During this time, I learned and gained a lot of knowledge about beauty & makeup, fashion, lifestyle and photography. I made so many lovely blogger friends who always love and appreciate my work. I am so grateful to each one of you who supported, appreciated and loved my blog. Thank you and I love you!




Vildana Šuta said...

Woww congrats! I hope you'll never leave Blogger site because you are truly great blogger! xoxo

Vildana from Living Like V & Stalia Is BAE

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Shahneela Shamim said...

Congratulations on completing the 1st year :)

Walk In Vogue said...

Happy 1st Blogiversary Fatima! xx

Chaste & Beautiful said...

Fatima, Happy Blog Anniversary. So glad you made it 1. I made it 1 back in September but didn't tell anybody because I was in a bad mood. Lol. But this time, I will hold a giveaway. Inshallah. :)

Maria Khalid said...

Happy blogging 😊

Maria Khalid said...

Happy blogging 😊

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