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Hollywood Style Revitalizing Foot Scrub
Hello girls!!Hope you all are doing great.
Today I'm going to review Hollywood Style Revitalizing Foot Scrub.Read more to find my experience about it!!

Hollywood Style Revitalizing Scrub for Foot
This extra-gritty foot scrub removes stubborn, dry, dead skin to reveal a new baby soft healthy layer. It also helps remove corn and callus buildup. Natural botanicals have been used to moisturize, condition, and leave your feet clean, refreshed, smooth, and silky soft Healthy foot formula Removes dead skin leaving feet soft and smooth It also helps to remove corn and callus buildup Natural botanicals have been used to moisturize, condition and leave your feet clean, refreshed, smooth and silky soft.

DIRECTION OF USE:Apply on damp feet.Massage with hand or pumice stone.Rinse thoroughly with water.
Hollywood Style Revitalizing Foot Scrub 
Hollywood Style Revitalizing Foot Scrub
My thoughts
This foot scrub has become my favorite after first use.At the time of buying,I was quite hesitant in getting this.The reason is its packaging.The product packaging seemed to be not very impressive but i thought to give it a try.Now it has been two months that i'm using this scrub and i'm quite pleased with the results.

The product comes in a white tube with a flip flop cap.The product is somewhat light blue in color, having concentrated amount of pumice granules.The pumice granules are so much abrasive which is helpful in sloughing of dry and dead skin.Having a lot of pumice granules is the best part of this scrub which made it more effective against hardened calluses.

The product has mild fragrance.I also love enjoying the cooling sensation it gives me after rinsing off which is so much refreshing.Overall,It's a good scrub and i have no complaints.I would love to recommend this foot scrub to all my lovely readers.

My rating

Hollywood Revitalizing Foot Scrub is available in stores all across Pakistan.I got mine 150 ml. tube for PKR 350 from a departmental store.

Have you tried it out yet?What do you think about it?Let me know...          


Isma Munir - Walk In Vogue said...

Hollywood Styles' products do not comes in attractive packaging but they are very promising... Thanks for the review... will definitely buy this foot scrub! xx

Love XoxoX

Chaste & Beautiful said...

I'm glad it worked well for you. I have always been hesitant of buying Hollywood Style products but I'll definitely try this out. Good post:)

Chaste & Beautiful

fatima jannan said...

@Isma Munir - Walk In Vogue Yes, They don't have attractive packaging but works great in itself :)

fatima jannan said...

@Chaste & Beautiful I was too hesitant of buying this but the result has quite surprised me. Thanks :)

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